Monday, January 30, 2017

Week of January 30

What we will be working on …
Reading:  This week we will be finishing fairy tales then start our unit in fables.
Writing:  This quarter the focus is on Narrative and descriptive Writing and Poetry.
Math:  We will continue Chapter 7 this week.  Students will focus on dividing by 7, 8, and 9.  We are close to finishing the chapter.  Chapter Test will be next week.

Social Studies:  We have started looking at the geography of Alaska.

Science: We will begin with the water cycle.  Last week students observed a model on how the water cycle works.  This week we will go more in depth.

Important Dates:
After school activities happening this week:  Art Club, Skii Club, Choir, Tutoring, and Good News Club
Friday:  Snow Day!  9:10-11:25
Please consider coming!

Homework This Week
Students received last Friday:  Spelling Words and  Fluency
Tuesday and Wed.:  Vocabulary for the week-Test next week
Daily: Minute Math, Read 20 min.

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