Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week of September 19

What we will be working on …
Reading:  This week students will continue learning about types of questions and will learn about “the author and me” questions. These questions require students to combine what they already know with what they’ve read in the text. Therefore, the primary focus of this week will be inferencing and drawing conclusions.
Math:  We will be finishing chapter 1 this week review multi-digit subtraction.  Students will have their first math test next week.
Science:  We have started working with thermometers and will begin monitoring the weather. 
Social Studies:  Student will continue studying the continents and oceans.

Vocabulary Words for this week:
Towering-very tall
Unfurling-to open
Bloom-to blossom
Dormant-not active or growing
Emperor-one who rules an empire or country 
Clamored-to be noisy 

Important Dates:
September 22Spelling Test & 
  Vocabulary Test  
September 25: Running Jamboree @ Chugiak HS 5-7:30
16525 S Birchwood Loop
September 28:  SMILE :0) Picture Day!!
September 30:  Open House @  6
Also, Domino’s Pizza Fundraiser
Tuesday:  Choir Club 3:30-4:45
Monday & Wednesday:  Running Club 3:30-4:30

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