Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week of September 26th

What we will be working on …
Reading: Students will start the week by making predictions. They will also learn to summarize fiction and nonfiction text, as well as synthesizing. The final day will be an overview lesson on metacognition.
Math:   Students will have their chapter test on Wed.  We will focus on word problems this week.
Science:  This week we will be studying clouds and monitoring the weather. 
Social Studies:  Student will continue studying the continents and oceans.  We will work on our globe projects.

Important Dates:
September 28, Wednesday:  SMILE :0) Picture Day!!
September 30, Friday:  Open House @  6  Also, Domino’s Pizza Fundraiser

Tuesday:  8 am  Battle of the Books (must have permission slips in)
Tuesday:  Choir Club 3:30-4:45

Monday & Wednesday:  Running Club 3:30-4:30  (Last Week)

This Weeks Vocabulary
Imitate-to copy
Forlorn-very sad, hopeless, or lonely
Village-a community smaller than a town
Amuse-to entertain through humor
Appeared-to become instantly visible
Trudging-to walk slowly with heavy steps 

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